Loving iqs living kitchens ..

They have become a way of life . Kitchens are having warmth of feelings where families get together over dinner and socialize .

As we prepare for lunch .. extra meals are being prepared for the needy on weekdays from Saturdays until Wednesdays.

Healthy food could be designed from preset menus and repacked for supermarkets in the neighbourhood with the intention to convert the whole society to loving productive units .

For these causes , IQS IKK are determined and devoted to get households equipped with state of the art Kitchens.

We supply and install units after doing the site serveys . The management shall be pleased to discuss tastes and preferences to fullfill your requests .

From endless choices , colors , sizes and materials , our marketing team is ready to meat all your expectations referring product characteristics and price delivery terms .

Beverley Hills West Town Cairo. 242abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria. 01032654457 .


Essam Al Bakry Brothers.

We all need optimism..

Because optimism is empowering the mind .. Happy optimistic people tend to score best in life .

101 ways to be happy in the life, among which is to appreciate all enlightened creatures in the room all around .

If you pay enough attention to the words to the sentence structure to the tone of the speech, you shall definitely resonate to the word of the holly Lord .

Happy new year my son ..Happy new year my beloved daughters.. i am wishing you all the best in the life .

Your Dad .. Essam.

بحب الكلاسيك ..

اشعر معه اننى استرجعت شخصيتى منذ زمن العصور الوسطى زمن الفرسان . مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك. شكرا جزيلا.

اذا ممكن نعمل حفلات الزواج بحضور البيانيست خالد منيب اكون شاكر لحضرتك.

بيت بسيط

كلنا او بعضنا بنقول اننا محتاجين راحة البال و لكن هل اذا ربنا رزقنا العيشة البسيطة علي شاطئ البحر في بيت صغير فيه اغلب المتطلبات الحياتية .. هل ساعتها هنسعد و نقنع و نعيش العمر كله حامدين لصاحب النعم ؟ هل فعلا ممكن نقضي حياتنا نتطلع الي السماء ليلا بنجومها الجاذبه و نطالع البحر المتموج نهارا و نسرح بحال النظر الي لا نهائية الفضاء ؟ الهدوء النسبي سر و تدريب نمارسه في حاضر جلال الملك الاعظم الآن

المودة الكائنة فى سائر الكائنات

خلقها الله و جعلها من الكائنات الادراكات المعانى المحسوسات المرتبطات بالتعريف فى الذهن منذ الايجاد منذ نقطة الوصول الى تلك الاراضى و المنازل و السرر و البيوتات . المودة كائن صفتى موصوف بنا و لنا فى الذاكرة التى عادت تبنى من يوم اول الى يوم لا نهايات الى اليوم الموعود الذى يرسل الله لنا الملك الكريم باذن الله فى الصحبة الى النهايات . كم انا ممتن لحضرتكم يا سيدى يا الله على تلك الذكريات المشاهدات منذ نعومة الاظافر . اكاد لا اتذكر الان الحزن و التعب و المشقة حيث انه حضرتك بفضلكم عالجتنى من الباساء و الضراء التى لحقت لى و بى و بالعناء النفسى الذى وجدته من كبرياء و نفور لبعض الفقارى الكائنات مثلى فى الغرفة الكبيرة السرمدية . حقا , كانت و تكون باذن حضرتك سيدى رحلة شملت الكثير من الدروس المستفادة و التسجيلات . فيها تعلمت علم التصوير فن التصوير و الحفظ فى الوثائق المصورة و الملفات و ذلك انطلاقا من اعمال الفكر و امعان النظر فى ارسال التاملات . كل لقطة فوتونية كانت و ما تزال تستحق الخلود و الحفظ فى الجهاز . الله سبحانه و تعالى خالق كل شيء موجد الدقائق اللطيفة و الفوتونات النورانية همسات . لكم يا سيدى عظيم الشكر عظيم الفضل على تلك الادراكات و الانتهاء الى مقام تسليم فى مدرسة الجبر حيث الاعتقاد السليم و الجازم بان كل من عليها فان و يبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال و الاكرام . اسجل لكم يا مولاى هذه الكلمات الان و التى هى بالضرورة كلماتكم لان كل شيئ فى الكون منسوب الى جلالكم الاعلى فى وقت اذنتم فيه بالحدث فاه لا شيئ ياتى صدفة و حتى ان بدى لنا اننا نستمتع بقدر من الحريات , فتلك الجدلية القديمة التى ارهقتنى و ارهقت غيرى , اراحتنى فى النهاية حين ارتحت و نسبت الى حضراتكم و انتم القائد الاعلى للاكوان , نسبت اليكم يا مولاى الملك الاعلى كامل التصرفات . استعنت بحضرتك يا سيدى على ما ملكتنى اياه على ما فوضتنى فيه من يد من جهاز من طاقات تعبيرية من ادراكات و اقول و بحضرتك التوفيق , ما شئت لى يا سيدى كان و ما لم تشئ لم يكن , اعلم ان الله سبحانه و تعالى قد جعل لكل شيئ سببا و ان الله على الانتصار و الاقتدار و التحقيق لقدير . الحمد لله و كفى فى مقام منع فى مقام عطاء و الامران خير منكم يا سيدى طالما لى رب هو انتم و لا رب لنا سواكم يا سيدى يا حبيبى يا الله . مهندس محمد عصام البكرى

Oxigenators to Let

Out there , accross the country fields, grave needs among many patiants do exist with no reliable suppliers to fullfil.

Mr. BAKRY and Colleagues are calling every one looking to become a member of our team to join our participative discussions with the aim of changing the whole world.

We need to act strongly against the spread of the Corona Virus by letting purified oxigenators produce source of life to the elderly people and those of special needs .

For further project details , please send us you LOI @ iqs.legal@gmail.com

Mohamed E Al Bakry


Children Psychology Reordered

Essay made by Saif

As i keep reading in the deep universe in the deep near presence in the depth of now , i came accross a message in the room signaling the importance to pay the attention the son deserves from the father.

Many youngsters need to get care !

Children enjoy wonderful skills of expression their power of realizing the ” Now ” . Childern with their clear minds have the capacity to depict the past and future and melt them together to show us the creative unrevealed present.

The Power of Now

My Dearest Dad.. My Dearest Son .. My Dearest Self .. My Dearest Me .. My Dear Us .. My Dear You .. My Dearest Only One .. You are the only one remaining from my own me. If I loose you forever, who shall remain in the room in the dark night to look after you except your self. Please take care of yourself since I have taken care of you , making you realize the meaning of the word DAD.


Please Son .. Let me hear you sing !

I see you in every presence around .. I appreciate your name in the deepest self of every single woman , man and child. I hear your voice and imaging you are still there close to me .No matter , if we have even met since then of not .. I shall still look into the room for you .

It is clear that Happiness does not move away rather than shy around the corner in the dinning room prior to appearing again in the Study Hall. The Present Universe is simply a mix of true feeling of true senses that could get received with our amazing Radar. ElectroMagnetics Cross the Fields into and onto the parallel and transversal universes communication with this You .

You and me along with every single hidden soul in the dark room of the house of the Lord are connected to him some way or onther. This connection is sacred and may not get revealed to any single creature. In my self opinion, he has asked me to tell you that we have to get togther under my shadow and follow the drops of thoughts falling into the air from the ceiling.

I do not really know what is out there past or prior the roof unless I take these notes and papers and try to read deeply and throughly . Through reading with the aim of uncovering the hidden meaning are reached with a sip of Martin Stella that helps every one around enjoys.

I hope and pray to the Loed to give all of us happiness and freedom from sorrow and despire. May the Lord opens new days for all of us where we can see and realize the real purity of his lovely Sun . Amin.




Kamels for Sale

The time has come for all surviving officers to consider Kamels as effective means for life support.

As the world is stressed day to day due to political and ethnic tensions , our Spiritual School has taken steps to secure its students with desert cruses where life could and would some how get maintained.

What attendants should expect in the training drills ?

In our vision , World Leaders and struck with the joy of Military Nukes and therefore no one is ready for Arms Reduction. Our School of Thought is concerned with the irrational spending on the war machine and is convinced that there are plenty of resources still out there untapped to feed the earth.

Life Serviving Technices

Kamels prices start from USD 2000.00 up to 4400.00 including options and facilities such as the carridge , arms , guards, pockets to carry your riffles and guns for rider and passenger safe voyage . Also, Desert Vehicle are equipped with Satelite Navigation GPS where they are ready to reach to distinations safely and accurately while maintaining course and speed.

School Hours via Internet

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Couching for Kamel Riders is provided and a complete know how is transferred on request. Training Courses and details include life supported tools .

Safe drinking water containers are guided to the training site . Redar telecommunication systems are also connected to power supply in order to track flying creatures in the surrounding environment . Dewling underground water wells lessons are facilitated with the aid of qualified instructors.

Sucontractors are invited to design the compound architecture for the housing project in the heart of the Sahara Desret if and whenever the Nuclear War takes place and massive destruction shutters humanity.

These few insights are just tips of many ice بيرج and a lots to follow on the way . If you wish to join our school to find exit routs for planet earth and secure humanity from evil and insian , please give us a call and connect iqs.legal@gmail.com .

Spiritual Practices for Super Powerful Change

The author , Engr. Essam Jr. would like to hear from you on whatsapp +201032654457 . Our working hours from 10:00 AM – 16:00 PM and 22:00 PM till 2:00 AM from Mondays – Thursdays.