Grand ma .. connects us

Born in Turkey .. Baried in Alexandria December 1989 .. at the age of 68 .. my Grand ma soul talks to me from the room .

Happy new year Tita Malak .. i never forgot you ever .. in my dream.. i still remember the Turkish coffee in the house of the Lord .. attracting all secrets and powerful skills ever had .

In my mind .. the big cinema house .. i kept for you millions of love pics that assure safe pace way to gardens of eve. Happy new year 2021.

Your Grand Son .. Mohamed E Al Bakry.

What a wonderful day..

At this point of time, i celebrate a moment of deep thought as i dive into the image and feel the wisper of my school leaf.

It is not very far from here . My home craft school still exists in me . Add on to this, if i shall shortly return to my old house where i was born since almost 55 years .

عاوز .. افهم

يبدو لى .. ان اللي صمم منظومة الاحتياجات دى .. يقدر يشيل مكون الاحتياج الى الفلوس .. و يشيل اصلا الاحتياج لاى امر مادى علي الاطلاق ..

احنا نقدر نستغنى عن كل شيئ و نعيش روح فى الهواء . مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك. شكرا جزيلا.

Ultra Luxurious Flat .. For Sale

Ultra Luxurious Flat of 260 mts offered for sale or long term rent in Loran Alexandria Egypt.

In a prime location .. the owner is offering site visits to check the quality and beauty of high class decoration and brilliant interior designs .

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242 abdul salam aref loran Alexandria 21411

Children Psychology Reordered

Essay made by Saif

As i keep reading in the deep universe in the deep near presence in the depth of now , i came accross a message in the room signaling the importance to pay the attention the son deserves from the father.

Many youngsters need to get care !

Children enjoy wonderful skills of expression their power of realizing the ” Now ” . Childern with their clear minds have the capacity to depict the past and future and melt them together to show us the creative unrevealed present.

The Power of Now

My Dearest Dad.. My Dearest Son .. My Dearest Self .. My Dearest Me .. My Dear Us .. My Dear You .. My Dearest Only One .. You are the only one remaining from my own me. If I loose you forever, who shall remain in the room in the dark night to look after you except your self. Please take care of yourself since I have taken care of you , making you realize the meaning of the word DAD.


Please Son .. Let me hear you sing !

I see you in every presence around .. I appreciate your name in the deepest self of every single woman , man and child. I hear your voice and imaging you are still there close to me .No matter , if we have even met since then of not .. I shall still look into the room for you .

It is clear that Happiness does not move away rather than shy around the corner in the dinning room prior to appearing again in the Study Hall. The Present Universe is simply a mix of true feeling of true senses that could get received with our amazing Radar. ElectroMagnetics Cross the Fields into and onto the parallel and transversal universes communication with this You .

You and me along with every single hidden soul in the dark room of the house of the Lord are connected to him some way or onther. This connection is sacred and may not get revealed to any single creature. In my self opinion, he has asked me to tell you that we have to get togther under my shadow and follow the drops of thoughts falling into the air from the ceiling.

I do not really know what is out there past or prior the roof unless I take these notes and papers and try to read deeply and throughly . Through reading with the aim of uncovering the hidden meaning are reached with a sip of Martin Stella that helps every one around enjoys.

I hope and pray to the Loed to give all of us happiness and freedom from sorrow and despire. May the Lord opens new days for all of us where we can see and realize the real purity of his lovely Sun . Amin.



اعادة الابن الي المدرسة

هل يعاد الزمن مره اخرى و استطيع انجاب ابني هذا من امراه اخرى غير امه التى فرضت عليه منذ ١٧ عاما ؟ شكرا جزيلا لرب الارض الطيبة و الحمد لله رب العالمين

الابن العابر لزمان الدين

لا احد يعلم عن الحلقة الزمنية الحلزونية الثقبية الا القليل مز اهل العلم و السر الاعظم

لا يوجد الكثير من الناس من يؤمن بالطاقة الضئيلة السلبية التى تتيح فتح الجدار الحاجز و السماح بالسفر عبر الزمن و الاختفاء من هنا لحين عودة و اصلاح ما تم اتلافه بسلب العقل الوجداني من قبل اللص الشهواني

هل تعلن الان عن سبب بحثك في علم الطاقة السلبية الذى لا يراه احد و انما يتم تحسسه بالقلوب الرادارية بالغة الحساسية للتموجات الفوتونية ؟ شكرا جزيلا

الان دعني استمع الي ابيك امس و هو في بلاد غير تلك البلاد بهدف اصلاح الاحداث و الله الملك الاعلي ذو الجلال و الاكرام المستعان

اهلا بحضرتك. مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك للاستماع للقرآن الكريم. مدرسة السجادة البكرية ترحب بكم في مدرستنا و دعوة لحضور لقاء خاص مع حضرتك للاستماع للقرآن الكريم.