Loving iqs living kitchens ..

They have become a way of life . Kitchens are having warmth of feelings where families get together over dinner and socialize .

As we prepare for lunch .. extra meals are being prepared for the needy on weekdays from Saturdays until Wednesdays.

Healthy food could be designed from preset menus and repacked for supermarkets in the neighbourhood with the intention to convert the whole society to loving productive units .

For these causes , IQS IKK are determined and devoted to get households equipped with state of the art Kitchens.

We supply and install units after doing the site serveys . The management shall be pleased to discuss tastes and preferences to fullfill your requests .

From endless choices , colors , sizes and materials , our marketing team is ready to meat all your expectations referring product characteristics and price delivery terms .

Beverley Hills West Town Cairo. 242abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria. 01032654457 .


Essam Al Bakry Brothers.

Our Dry Cleaning Services

In our neighbourhood, the school has identified growing demand for relaiable and competitive dry cleaning integrated services.

Services include but not limited to wet and dry cleaning for all kinds of clothing with easily to call customer services here.

Also, the school has added, for the interest of the students and the followers , Carpets and Curtains Cleaning Services .

In order to participate positively to the community of the gifted youth , we encourage our profound customers to try our services on 50% discount during the first 6 weeks of operation .

نقوم باعمالنا بشغف

الاعمال الصغيرة التى نقوم بها فى المدرسة , مدرسة السجادة البكرية الروحية الصوفية الخيرية , تتميز باتصالها بالواقع و تلبية ما يحتاجه الاصدقاء من حولنا بحب و اخلاص و تفانى . رسالة المدرسة قائمة على زرع القيم السامية فى مشاعر الناس و اشعارهم باننا من اصل وجدانى قلبى واسع . كل الاعمال الصغيرة هى فى واقعها اعمال كبيره عند جلال الملك الاعلى الله عز و جل الذى نتمنى رضاءه و محبته , فالله فعلا طاقة حب تفوق كل الخيال

For further details and a demo , please do not hesitate the admin @ 01032654457 , or simply send us an email iqs.legal@gmail.com

Group Admin,

Essam Al Bakry, Jr.