Elements of time ..

Happy new year my son. From the time of harvest till the time serving the customers..time is a critical issue to keep the fresh produce tastey and heathy .

Counting effectively, i wonder if we can do this in less than a day or so . Precooling is on of the good methods to keep the processed fruits and vegetables in acceptable appetite for the clients .

For more information of my experience with Galina AgroFreeze , El Roda Agro Industrial Development, i would be delighted to share the knowledge for the benefit of all .

Happy new year my son. Essam Al Bakry Brothers are welcoming you.


We are serving..

Shaymaa is open to serve you the best drinks and breakfast meals as you soon decided to join our campus in Alexandria North West Coast .

For only USD 2000.00 , inclusive bed breakfast, our friends shall enjoy meditation and rehabilitation sessions along the blue Mediterranean sea . Please feel free to call us for information any time between 11;00 am till 3:00 pm @ 01032654457 . Iqs.legal@gmail.com .