Affirming fruits quality

Happy new year my son. Among the greatest gifts the Lord has given us are healthy tasty fruits and vegetables.

Sending you from Alexandria North, all my love and gratitude with ample amounts of sweet strawberries shipped to many destinations and posts across Europe and Scandinavian Cities.

With my dedicated quality teams , they are all sourcing for the best produce from the land of the Pheros to reach the far Swidish Stream .

Happy new year my son and please communicate with me regards the needs of food in the house.

Dady; Essam Al Bakry Brothers

Foods for Quality Life


Beverley Hills West Town Cairo.

In my parallel universes..

I had that very old dream about being that very famous family backer together with my very well-known family banker.

I had that vision of feeding the Universal Creatures , and hence no more hunger would thereafter emerged.

Happy and Marry Christmas to all . Amin .

Essam Al Bakry Brothers

242 abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria Egypt. 01032654457

اي حد عاوز تدريب .. او اعداد

ناس كتير ممكن تترفض في اي وظيفة و ده امر عادى لانه بطبيعة الحال اى شركة عندها طاقة محدودة لاستيعاب الموظفين .. الا العارف بالله باذن الله اللي هو حامل السر العلوى رفيع الدرجات عند الله .. اللي بيتالم حين يكون الناس نيام .. يدعو الله .. ايا رزاق .. ايا الله يا ذو الجلال و الاكرام يا ذو القوة المتين يا حي يا قيوم علي مصالح الناس المتصارعة.. ارجعنا جميعا في حضرتك .. و الله .. لا نبغي سوى رضاك و عفوك .. فقد تعس عبد الدرهم و عبد الدولار .. ايا الله .. من للفقير الذليل سواك .. و كلنا فقراء الي طاعتك الي رضاك الي عفوك الي كرمك الي علمك الي قصصك .. زهدنا الدنيا طلبا في علاك .. طلبا للمعارف و الاحاديث بالايحاء .. فمتي اللقاء ؟

مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك. مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك للاستماع للقرآن الكريم. السجادة البكرية ترحب بكم في مدرستنا و دعوة لحضور لقاء خاص مع حضرتك للاستماع للقرآن الكريم

Mossanadah Financial Services

Our Dearest Mossanadah Financials – IQS Consult & Associates, World Wide Operations;

We are Pleased to address you with our Corporate News Letter from The Co-Founder, Dr. Ahmed E Al Bakry & The Business Development Director, Mohamed E Al Bakry

Our Dearest Business Partner;

I am pleased today to invite you for a 30 minutes presentation and road show whereas Significant Added value Out Sourced Auditing Accounting Services are attained to the SME Firms.

Mossanadah Scope of Services

  • Submitting periodic reporting on various areas of the management accounts.
  • Bookkeeping & Keying
  • Modelling & Budgeting

Mossanadah team can undertake preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly budgets as well as preparing necessary financial models for various projects and/or initiatives.


  • Running monthly closing and analyzing trends & variances against budgets.
  • Mossanadah can provide in depth analysis of key areas including receivables, vendors, and cash providing flags and warning signs.

Final Closing

  • Running final closing as of end of the financial year and ensuring accurate reporting.

IFRS or GAAP Validation

  • Validating that all transactions are in accordance with IFRS or locally applied GAAP.

Periodic Reporting

  • Recording all or part of the transactions assigned from clients and updating books regularly.
  • Online Documents Upload, Interface & Filling
  • Mossanadah avails and electronic uploading tool for relevant documents by clients, various reports are electronically accessible any time of day.
  • Mossanadah applies electronic filling of all documents uploaded for future reference.
  • Assisting in Audits and Tax / Zakat.
  • Mossanadah team can undertake preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly budgets as well as preparing necessary financial models.

Our Customer Relations Management Team is truly dedicated for your ultimate satisfaction. The Team is fully committed to grow your business to its maximum potentials. Call us 24/7 @ 01032654457

Kind Regards

Sincerely Yours;

Engr Mohamed E Al Bakry

Mohamed E Al Bakry

Mossanadah, Business Development Director