What a wonderful day..

At this point of time, i celebrate a moment of deep thought as i dive into the image and feel the wisper of my school leaf.

It is not very far from here . My home craft school still exists in me . Add on to this, if i shall shortly return to my old house where i was born since almost 55 years .

In my parallel universes..

I had that very old dream about being that very famous family backer together with my very well-known family banker.

I had that vision of feeding the Universal Creatures , and hence no more hunger would thereafter emerged.

Happy and Marry Christmas to all . Amin .

Essam Al Bakry Brothers

242 abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria Egypt. 01032654457

بحب الكلاسيك ..

اشعر معه اننى استرجعت شخصيتى منذ زمن العصور الوسطى زمن الفرسان . مهندس محمد عصام البكري مع حضرتك. شكرا جزيلا.

اذا ممكن نعمل حفلات الزواج بحضور البيانيست خالد منيب اكون شاكر لحضرتك.