Loving iqs living kitchens ..

They have become a way of life . Kitchens are having warmth of feelings where families get together over dinner and socialize .

As we prepare for lunch .. extra meals are being prepared for the needy on weekdays from Saturdays until Wednesdays.

Healthy food could be designed from preset menus and repacked for supermarkets in the neighbourhood with the intention to convert the whole society to loving productive units .

For these causes , IQS IKK are determined and devoted to get households equipped with state of the art Kitchens.

We supply and install units after doing the site serveys . The management shall be pleased to discuss tastes and preferences to fullfill your requests .

From endless choices , colors , sizes and materials , our marketing team is ready to meat all your expectations referring product characteristics and price delivery terms .

Beverley Hills West Town Cairo. 242abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria. 01032654457 .


Essam Al Bakry Brothers.

Daily Dose of Self Love

Welcome to the Daily Dose of Self Love. This series will be about self love, self care, self esteem and self worth. Basically everything related with SELF. My aim with this series is to give you a daily boost of self love and self care. We all get busy with our lives and sometimes it […]

Daily Dose of Self Love

Happy new year my son. Essam Al Bakry Brothers and sisters are welcoming you. Please read this message.

Elements of time ..

Happy new year my son. From the time of harvest till the time serving the customers..time is a critical issue to keep the fresh produce tastey and heathy .

Counting effectively, i wonder if we can do this in less than a day or so . Precooling is on of the good methods to keep the processed fruits and vegetables in acceptable appetite for the clients .

For more information of my experience with Galina AgroFreeze , El Roda Agro Industrial Development, i would be delighted to share the knowledge for the benefit of all .

Happy new year my son. Essam Al Bakry Brothers are welcoming you.


A one world of quality

Happy new year my son. We are awake now with a new bright day where all of us are welcoming you and eager to work together in the universal family to feed the world.

No more fear from now on . All kids of the world are enjoying ample am6of happy meals .

Happy new year my son. Essam Al Bakry Brothers.

Affirming fruits quality

Happy new year my son. Among the greatest gifts the Lord has given us are healthy tasty fruits and vegetables.

Sending you from Alexandria North, all my love and gratitude with ample amounts of sweet strawberries shipped to many destinations and posts across Europe and Scandinavian Cities.

With my dedicated quality teams , they are all sourcing for the best produce from the land of the Pheros to reach the far Swidish Stream .

Happy new year my son and please communicate with me regards the needs of food in the house.

Dady; Essam Al Bakry Brothers

Foods for Quality Life


Beverley Hills West Town Cairo.


A sware..

This planet earth may live happily ever after. This planet earth may live happily at all times. This happy moments would never die . This planet shall always become ever greener.

Happy new year my son. Essam Al Bakry Brothers are welcoming you.