Grand ma .. connects us

Born in Turkey .. Baried in Alexandria December 1989 .. at the age of 68 .. my Grand ma soul talks to me from the room .

Happy new year Tita Malak .. i never forgot you ever .. in my dream.. i still remember the Turkish coffee in the house of the Lord .. attracting all secrets and powerful skills ever had .

In my mind .. the big cinema house .. i kept for you millions of love pics that assure safe pace way to gardens of eve. Happy new year 2021.

Your Grand Son .. Mohamed E Al Bakry.

We all need optimism..

Because optimism is empowering the mind .. Happy optimistic people tend to score best in life .

101 ways to be happy in the life, among which is to appreciate all enlightened creatures in the room all around .

If you pay enough attention to the words to the sentence structure to the tone of the speech, you shall definitely resonate to the word of the holly Lord .

Happy new year my son ..Happy new year my beloved daughters.. i am wishing you all the best in the life .

Your Dad .. Essam.

What a wonderful day..

At this point of time, i celebrate a moment of deep thought as i dive into the image and feel the wisper of my school leaf.

It is not very far from here . My home craft school still exists in me . Add on to this, if i shall shortly return to my old house where i was born since almost 55 years .

In my parallel universes..

I had that very old dream about being that very famous family backer together with my very well-known family banker.

I had that vision of feeding the Universal Creatures , and hence no more hunger would thereafter emerged.

Happy and Marry Christmas to all . Amin .

Essam Al Bakry Brothers

242 abdul salam aref st loran Alexandria Egypt. 01032654457