Hotel Management – Invitation EOI

Expression of Interest to Manage 4 star Hotel in North Coast – Alexandria . Egypt / IQS.Consult & Associates / EOI 28092020


Sharif Mohammed Al-Bakry

Sept 28th 2020

Invitation to offer expression of interest eoi

Iqs.consult/ hotel north coast / 28092020

Honorable Mister, Honorable Lady, Honorable Colleagues,

Today I offer you my sincere wishes to God for more success in business.

Eng. Mohamed Essam El-Bakry and colleagues are approached with a good investment opportunity to form an integrated team under the auspices and alliance of distinguished hotel company specializing in 4-star – 5-star hotel management. The hotel offered for rent is located in the Egyptian North Coast with close proximity to Alexandria district. the subject hotel has the following equipments, facilities and components:

  • Swimming pool
  • Party area
  • laundry
  • a kitchen
  • Main restaurant
  • Disco
  • Cafes
  • Hairdresser
  • 2  elevators
  • Reception
  • 4  floors of the hotel
  • 60  Double Triple Suite Single Rooms
  • All rooms overlook the main street, including the swimming pool
  • Bar inside the pool
  • Billiards area

All rooms have central air conditioning, and screens. the hotel features wonderful landscape in front of the building and accommodates parking area dedicated to serve residents and visitors’ cars.

The hotel operates throughout the year, summer and winter seasons, as it has contracts with distinguished oil and tourism companies. * With regard to serving alcoholic drinks, one of the principles of the administration is to adhere to divine teachings, but without restricting the inmates’ internal freedoms.

The CV is required for the tenant hotel management company wishing to enter into negotiations to develop the hotel business fields and add great tourism value to the location, environment and place. For more information, interested persons are kindly requested to write to me via WhatsApp 01032654457 or express their interest to my team by mail.

Thank you for your attention.  –  – engineer Mohamed Essam Al-Bakry and associates.

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