Oxigenators to Let

Out there , accross the country fields, grave needs among many patiants do exist with no reliable suppliers to fullfil.

Mr. BAKRY and Colleagues are calling every one looking to become a member of our team to join our participative discussions with the aim of changing the whole world.

We need to act strongly against the spread of the Corona Virus by letting purified oxigenators produce source of life to the elderly people and those of special needs .

For further project details , please send us you LOI @ iqs.legal@gmail.com

Mohamed E Al Bakry


Now .. I am flying

Now .. I am dancing .. listening.. imagining my flight to yesterday . I can jump .. I can talk to brothers dragons .

I have a sister dragon too .. as well as mother dragon . We are such a wonderful family of drangons .

Mom is sleeping now at the lazy boy . She is relaxing by the window . I guess she is dreaming of her childhood.

When she was young, she hated to go to school early morning. Her Dad used to push her to show up in classes regularly every time.

Mom is now free from any duties and enjoys life to maximum potential.

Essam ,Jr.