Saluting G7 Safety Heros

After almost 10 years of my leaving Saudi Sabic, here are few insights to be well remembered.

As J Kumar expecting SSHEQ GR MGR on the regular weekly site visits, there were few tips to bring the best in young men taking and driving KSA Economy to ever increaing world records.

Lessons learned from this legacy are to give all your members of the team the respect and effective training they really need.

If for any budgetary reasons the SSHEQ Management cannot immediately then able to pay requested bounces and performance incentives, then continuous logistics improvements and on the job drills needed not to be halted.

IQS Consult Engr.Mohamed E Al Bakry

I will never forget my team ever, even when i am thousands of miles away. I trust they also keep good memories for me in their hearts keeping all logistical operations safe and responsive.

For the so many expacts overseas,the fatherly manager is the one to be trusted when owners seek rational order deployments.

Thanking The Lord

All the gratitude goes to Almighty Allah The Lord who kept us all safe, secured, and healthy.

IQS Consult & Associates is looking to upgrade its supply chain contractors for the benefits of our profound customers.

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Our services today include but not limited to IMS QMS OH&S Audits for operations excellence.

We also report to our clients’ top management on balanced scored cards and major departmental KPIs.

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