English Learing Simplified

IQS.Consult & Associates

We all love to communicate the past, the present and the future.

It is very clear that English Language is the most effective means of universal communication. do you think this shall stay the same ?

Our school has taken effective role in spreading the word of peace and prosparity among international students across the internet space. we have taken steps to share free training resources and use them along with the presence of the certified instructor to achieve educational goals.

In groups comprising of 3-4 students , our home hosted instructors sit past SAT Exams with trainees and run solved questions for practice.

Practice Makes Perfect


Readings into IELTS Supported Exams help our smart students score. The AGMEP USIA Certified Instructor acts as a co-pilot with the group of the course participants.

We view taking the test as a challange for students willing to learn what others have achieved of finding the secrets of the Worm Hole and the issue of Time Space Travel to the Future , The Past and the Ever Stay in the pleasant present.

A Change for Total Improvements

We all are willing to change for improvements. One of the ways to do so is to learn how to travel to the past with the aim to seek the lessons learned.

Whenever we keep on practicing the language, the more and more our capacity leaning improves.

All languages are made and designed initially with the purpose of reaching deep understanding of the inner self . Once the state of self realization is made , things grow easily and rapidly towards the true sentiment seeing of the Lord.

The Ultimate Designer

Comming to see the Ultimate Architect , The Super Design Engineer and the Greatest Creator and Innovator among all , is a stage of the start of our neo journy in our long long travel in our timeless universe.

There is no time limit to the perfect training study model. We encourage all students to act towards education as a continuous no ending processes.

التعليم فى الصغر كالنقش على الحجر

اننا مؤمنون فى مدرسة السجادة البكرية الروحية الصوفية الخيرية الالكترونية , ان البداية تكون مبكرة , و انه لدينا من الافكار و الاساليب الرقيقة النى تناسب الاطفال و تحببهم فى العملية التعليمية . التعليم كما شرحت هو عمل مستمر يكتسبه الانسان منذ الطفولة و يراقب فيه الاستاذ الملهم و المعلمة الحنون التى تبادر الطفولة بالمحبة و الرعاية و الصبر و اللعب

التعلم من اللعب

نتبع سياسة قدح الشرارة و لا نتبع سياسة ملئ الوعاء. السعى فى حث الابناء على التامل و التفكير الابداعى يروق لنا كثيرا لان الانسان بطبيعته كائن مفكر ناطق مدرك لوجود الاله . كلنا موجون فى الغرفة لسبب و حكمة و كلنا ارواح مجندة اتخذت قوالب بشرية . حقيقة الانسان انه وجدان من روح لا نراها و انما هى طاقة منبعثة فى الفضاء و علينا التعرف على تلك الانوار الصغيره المكونة لها حتى نتآلف و يحصل تبادل البيانات و المعلومات

نلعب لنتعلم و نتعلم لنحيى و نلعب

ليس صحيحا اننا هنا لكى نتخرج و يعمل كل من كمهندس او طبيب او ضابط او رجل اعمال , بقدر انه من الاهمية تامين الفرد و حفظ النوع باتاحة الامكانات على حرية الفكر بعيدا عن المشغولات و المشتتات

و كما قال المفكر و العالم الدكتور مصطفى محمود , رحمة الله عليه , ان الانسان كون فى داخله اكوان لا نهائية و هذا اقرار لجميع ما جاءت به الانباء السماوية و صدقه الرسل . اننا فى الكشف الفيزيائى الحديث نسمح لابنائنا بالتعرف اكثر على مشاهدات الكون و الاجرام السماوية الضخمة المحيطة بنا و بداخلنا فى كل مكان فى بيئتنا , ذلك حتى يتم التعرف الحقيقى على طبيعتنا على واقعنا على حاضرنا فى حضور جلال الله الملك الاعلى العظيم الفتاح

Visitors and Parents are Welcomed

Free Attendents

We provide free attendence for new comers and allow the presence of parents to sit and watch the study and practice processes.

Having said that , our proposed training hours per level is 12 hours that could e spread over one month.

In due course , we run remote distance training via the internet in order to follow up with students the progress scored.

Our Timings are 24/7

We have a deep desire to see you and talk to you with the aim to know you in an improved way.

We have the intention to learn from you as much as the desire that you are willing to learn from us. We see that comming together is just the start towards endless universal choices where we come to meet our images in the far future as well as in the far past .

The method is so simple in a way that made easy for every single student to enjoy.We make sure that every leaner takes the topic of his or her liking and choice.

The Instructor

For further information and more, please do not hesitate to contact the author @ +201032654457 or simply e mail us iqs.legal@gmail.com

Thank you from all of our hearts . The School Admin.


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