The Carpet Cleaning Project

Now , we have taken the step forward to consider the start up of the project of a Vacuum Carpet Cleaner Works.

The project idea

Since that my former wife has left me with no vacuum cleaner , I am faced now with my new wife asking me to provide me a new one.

No question that the current situation causes us to clean the houses every day carefully so that dust may not get through the rooms.

A Call for Collective Action

Since that the purchase of a new carpet vaccum cleaner is costing a hefty amount of mony in comparison to the volume of the turn over , hence we may consider rental or purchasing of used one.

A Site Location

In the area located in our community , there is a space of 200 sqr. mtrs where the compoud management may agree to let on return of fees for the maintainance fund.

Another alternative is to hire a shop space in Al Waleed St. , such a high traffic shoppers , where the activities may get sufficient visiility for the walk in customers.

An opportunity for Project Startups

This is a call for those who feel inspired to get in touch with us and drive a market plan and check with us.

For further insights , please call +201032654457 or write to us ,

Essam, Jr.

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