The Magnificant Vivaldi

The world is driving us crazy day today with tensions are high from east to west. It seems that humans are not getting enough violence instead of getting more of the violence. Music seems not to get to pamper the soul of the rude soldiers and the crowd from here and there. We had enough noise in the clouds to the limit that we all cannot have a pure nice sleep.

My dearest Lord, the poor soldiers are driving us mad and we all here think its time to stop their guns. The time has come to make them all silent and forever. Cosmopolitan music needs to get played with the millions of innocent angels around the Universe. The stars shall dance all day long with the movements of the violins’ strokes.

Perhaps that we are the ones that got the music the message wrong . Yes, we are the ones that need to get it to write and code our senses to understand the song of guns no grains. The sky is shinning glare orange and thunder shall prevail. I hardly see any of them, my dearest Lord , thank you very much for your patience and patronage giving them an endless amounts of time to rationalize with not success or gain except massive destruction massive destruction indeed.


Fish and Chips

I always thought that fishing is such a wonderful industry to go in. My elder friend uses to tell me the contrast. I feel from my deep heart that there is plenty of wealth and hope in the deep seas. I cannot resist these attractions where plenty of nice creatures are calling fishermen to go out there and hunt for marine food.

Actually , it has nothing much to do with fullfilness rather than the power and joy we feel towards pampering the world. Humans need to get the most attention for marine life as we are getting more dependant on mother earth day to day . Humans all over the world seems to get engrossed over conflicts and arms rather than integrating for a unified positive energetic goal.

While going fishing every day morning, men and women are filled with hope and desire to do good deeds. Offcourse, there are dark sides hidden in every one of us keeping us astray from reaching this love start of mind. I gues with massive training to self control the inner self , we can and must reach this state of self security and peaceful coexistance with other friends of mother nature.

Welcome to the Training Seminar of Fishing Industry . To join us 24/7 , please do not hesitate to contact us today @ +201032654457 or simply write to us . Thank you.


الشرف و الفداء العلم لنا

و هو الذي في الارض اله و في السماء اله .. يعلم الناس معاني الرجوله و الشرف و العلم و الفداء . الله نور السماوات و الارض يعلم الناس كل ثانيه جميع الاسماء و الصفات في جملة ادراكات طيبات

الحروب زمنها قليل و السلام المؤمن هو المهيمن فهو الاول بلا ابتداء و هو الآخر بلا انتهاء و الله محيط بجميع الكائنات .. ليس كمثله شيئ لا في الارض ارض الوجدان او السماء سماء الذات . هو الله

الله الحى القيوم مجيب الدعاء

اللهم في هذه الليله الساكنه انزل السكينه و السلام في نفوس العباد و زد من اختصتهم عنايتكم الالهية بالاعراض و الاعتراض ما كتبته لهم في سالف العهد قبل الزمان فانه حضرتك الله .. حضرتك الله سبق علم حضرتك سبقت كلمة حضرتك كامل الكلمات و العلوم و الحروف و الاشارات و الفوتونات و الادراكات

اللهم اغفر و ارحم و تكرم بالحب و الرافه فانه حضرتك جميل الصفات واسع الاحسان . مهندس محمد عصام البكرى يدعو الجمع للصلاة الآن علي النبي المختار احمد المحمد المبعوث رحمة للعالمين السر الساري في سائر الاسماء و الصفات .. ندعو الله الواحد الاحد الفرد الصمد العزيز الجبار اللطيف الوهاب ان يستجيب للخيرات . اللهم امين

Good Ostermeier

It has beeb almost 21 years since my last visit to Germany as an Ambassador for Gulf Delta Waste Management Company.

The purposes of the business visit were achieved resuling of obtaining the agency and growing our Emirated Market Share to 74% by the year end .

I am still inspired by these days .

Essam Al Bakry

Carpets in every Street

As I keep growing old, mg past dream is vividly materializes with photons integrating together to form the matter and show colorful painting on every street.

We are extremely rich in empowering youth to go out the in open field and seek sales for whatever goods and services housholds may probably want.

Seldomly, Carpet Sales Reps use to call for customers using their own gifted strong voices .

I rushed to my balcony today noon and managed to pic this photos to show my friends that nothing should keep us from seeking decent earn.

To get proper training on street sales , together call us @ 01032654457 today or send us a note .

Essam, Jr.

هناك من الوسائل الكثيرة لتدريب الباعة الجائلين على تصريف منتوجاتهم بطريقة حضارية و منها وضع اسواق فى الشارع يوم الجمعة بمكان مخصص مناسب فى كل حى و لعدد محدد من الساعات حتى نتيح للشباب و القادرين و الغير قادرين و للجميع التكسب بمشروعية . ادعو السيد المحافظ لاجتماع فى ديوان عام المحافظة مع الجهات المختصة و المهتمين لاثراء تلك الصناعة. يمكننا و نحن نفتح ابواب الاقتصاد ان نصلى معا فى اجل الحياة و الحب و الرضا و الرخاء. مهندس محمد عصام البكرى . مدرسة السجادة البكرية الخيرية

Engineering Drawing Classes

Making drawings is a skill that any practicing engineer needs to master. Unfortunately, it’s not something that is taught very well in most engineering schools. In this video, we’re going to try to demystify engineering drawings and give you some tips and best practices to make clear, complete drawings.

Mechanical drawing is a super handy skill for discussing the shape of physical objects. This video covers 2D projection, multi view drawing, linear dimensionless & tolerating, and alternate views.

مطلوب محاضرين و مسوقات – مهندس محمد عصام البكرى و الزملاء – IQS.Consult & Associates  

سان ستيفانو – ميامى عبد الناصر – اكتوبر – الشيخ زايد – البحرين – الامارات ابوظبى – التسجيل عناية م صفاء ابراهيم – مقرر التدريب 

Mechanical drawing is a super handy skill for discussing the shape of physical objects. This video covers 2D projection, multi view drawing, linear dimensionless & tolerating, and alternate views.

#drawingtutorial #coursera #lecture #jobalert

يحدث الان عرض كورسات رسم هندسى مع الشرح للمهندسين و الفنيين الجدد التابعين للمدرسة . الكورسات مجانية بالحضور اون لاين او فعليا بالمقر . اتصل بنا واتس فون على . 01032654457

Our Dry Cleaning Services

In our neighbourhood, the school has identified growing demand for relaiable and competitive dry cleaning integrated services.

Services include but not limited to wet and dry cleaning for all kinds of clothing with easily to call customer services here.

Also, the school has added, for the interest of the students and the followers , Carpets and Curtains Cleaning Services .

In order to participate positively to the community of the gifted youth , we encourage our profound customers to try our services on 50% discount during the first 6 weeks of operation .

نقوم باعمالنا بشغف

الاعمال الصغيرة التى نقوم بها فى المدرسة , مدرسة السجادة البكرية الروحية الصوفية الخيرية , تتميز باتصالها بالواقع و تلبية ما يحتاجه الاصدقاء من حولنا بحب و اخلاص و تفانى . رسالة المدرسة قائمة على زرع القيم السامية فى مشاعر الناس و اشعارهم باننا من اصل وجدانى قلبى واسع . كل الاعمال الصغيرة هى فى واقعها اعمال كبيره عند جلال الملك الاعلى الله عز و جل الذى نتمنى رضاءه و محبته , فالله فعلا طاقة حب تفوق كل الخيال

For further details and a demo , please do not hesitate the admin @ 01032654457 , or simply send us an email

Group Admin,

Essam Al Bakry, Jr.

الام الاكول

كانت الارض و كانت السماء التى ترسل بالماء عبر الاثير الى البطن فتملؤها بالخير و بالذر الذي يختلط بحب الجوف فينتج الزهر

١٦ عاما من الاكل . يا لهو من عطاء رب . ١٦ عاما من اطعام ، افقد البلد و العباد بستان ورد . ١٦ عاما عشناها مع مصر . ام اكول تطعم الجائع و قلما تنتج وقف

صباح الكتكوت

لن نستسلم للياس . الديك و الفراخ و الكتاكيت كلها من حضرتك عطاء الخير. سنتعلم كل شثى من اجل اضافة قيمة للحياه و ننتج ما ناكل حتي و ان حصل اغراق بعض

Oxigenators to Let

Out there , accross the country fields, grave needs among many patiants do exist with no reliable suppliers to fullfil.

Mr. BAKRY and Colleagues are calling every one looking to become a member of our team to join our participative discussions with the aim of changing the whole world.

We need to act strongly against the spread of the Corona Virus by letting purified oxigenators produce source of life to the elderly people and those of special needs .

For further project details , please send us you LOI @

Mohamed E Al Bakry


Now .. I am flying

Now .. I am dancing .. listening.. imagining my flight to yesterday . I can jump .. I can talk to brothers dragons .

I have a sister dragon too .. as well as mother dragon . We are such a wonderful family of drangons .

Mom is sleeping now at the lazy boy . She is relaxing by the window . I guess she is dreaming of her childhood.

When she was young, she hated to go to school early morning. Her Dad used to push her to show up in classes regularly every time.

Mom is now free from any duties and enjoys life to maximum potential.

Essam ,Jr.