Ranadan Arts

Tents roadshows

It has been known that Ramadan has certain identity where bedwens and saharah travellers get rest in the big tent .

Ramadan tents are cultural symbols pointing to life simplicity and creativity.

The spirit of Ramadan Tents has not left those residents in high technology managed cosmopolitans . It seems to me that still people are in the search for humble beginnings.

In my zones over this lonely planet earth , I seek wisdom in my own private Ramadan Tent in my very private house in the heart of Alexandria , the second largest city in Egypt .

This status inspired me to connect to Tents Makers and launch the ” The Tent Age ” road show.

I see a growing need and pasion among the public towards the very simple life where Jesus use to live like Mohamed , Ibrahim , Moses , as well as all my ancient ancestors.

This is an inspiring call for team civil leaders to direct passionate bloggers to show us how Ramadan Tents can transform our lives .

To learn more on the issue , or if you wish to be Ramadan Tents Designer,Seller,Promoter,Agent or Franchiser , then please do not hesitate to contact us today .



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